Chorus Homes Non-executive board members

Board Members

We maintain a register of people who would like to be considered as future Board Members.

Board Members fulfil a vital role in Chorus Homes. The role is "non-executive", which broadly speaking means you don't manage or direct day to day activities. The role of a Board member is to help us stay on track to achieve our Mission by being a "critical friend", reviewing the organisation's performance, looking at strategy and policy, being aware of the bigger picture, considering how our decisions and actions are fit for purpose, minimise risk, enhance our reputation and brand, encourage others to follow our example, meet the requirements of law and regulation and a few more...

We provide training, support and a great deal of encouragement to enable our Board members to be the very best!

We maintain a transparent and open process to the recruitment of potential Board members, and are always interested in hearing from people who feel they share the enthusiasm of all those associated with Chorus Homes, can identify with our Mission, Values and Goals and would like to play an active part in promoting our success in an increasingly demanding external operating environment.  We’re happy to receive a covering letter and CV (to  We will hold this for future reference as opportunities become available and there also may be scope to invite you to a corporate event, where you can experience Chorus Homes for yourself.

The Boards of and its subsidiary companies meet quarterly during the year.  Board members are appointed through a formal process against comprehensive selection criteria.  Places for People Group is the sole member of Chorus Homes, and its representatives sit on Chorus Homes boards.

The role of Chorus Homes Board is to exercise overall control and direction through the determination of strategies and objectives, and the monitoring of performance against them.  The schedule of delegations for Chorus Homes with the Places for People Group seeks to balance the control required by any parent company, with adequate empowerment of management at Group and subsidiary level.

Places for People’s Remuneration Committee sets the policy for pay for members of Chorus Homes Board.  It approves any pay increases, bonus arrangements, long-term incentive arrangements and pension arrangements for executive directors/

Places for People’s Audit & Risk Committee reviews the strategic risks faced by the wider Group and the approach taken by management in relation to managing risk.  Operational risk is reviewed and managed by the Board of Chorus Homes, and the company’s risk register is reviewed at regular intervals.