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We aim to deliver excellent, cost effective services.

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Customer Service

Chorus Homes Group is committed to putting people first. In September 2019 our People First approach was launched throughout the Places for People Group. The strategy sets out the goals for putting the experience of customers and colleagues at the heart of everything and making the customer feel valued.

Time, money and resources were invested to help us understand how we can be better at delivering great customer service, and a better customer experience.  Our workshops involved 600 colleagues and 200 customers, demonstrating how invested we are in understanding both customer and colleague perspective. The insight gained and People First strategy offers a fantastic and exciting opportunity to truly make a difference in our communities and to individuals.

Key to the success of the People First strategy is a cultural shift from process led to customer led. We still need our processes but we need to be more flexible in our approach.

The golden thread which runs through our People First approach follows;

  • Continuous learning and sharing best practice to improve our customer experience
  • Embedding our SPIRIT values in all that we say and do, both internally and externally
  • Deliver a seamless and interconnecting service
  • Tailoring the customer journey to the individual

We are committed to customer feedback and insight to help us find solutions and put things right, which we use to continually learn and improve our customer services and customer experience.


On 11 January 2018, the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) non-regulation arm adopted its new trading name Homes England. From that point, the HCA’s regulation directorate, which undertakes the functions of the Regulation Committee, refers to itself as the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH). Until legislation is enacted, Homes England and RSH continue to be constituted as one body – the HCA – but operate with two distinct corporate identities.

A number of co-regulatory principles underpin the regulation provided by the RSH and registered providers are required to meet relevant standards. You can learn more about the regulatory standards here.

The board that governs Chorus Homes’ services is responsible for meeting the standards and being transparent and accountable for the delivery of social housing objectives.

It is for providers to support residents both to shape and scrutinise service delivery and to hold the Board to account. To achieve this, Chorus Homes has a comprehensive programme of co-regulation in place.

For more information please visit the Regulator for Social Housing's website.

Chorus Homes customer commitments

Customer commitments allow you to see exactly how Chorus Homes is meeting regulatory standards and performing in the areas that matter most to customers.

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Commitment Target
1/4/19 - 30/6/20
Home Standard
Percentage of homes meeting decent home standard 100% 100%
Percentage of properties have received their annual gas service 100% 100%
Percentage of our blocks of flats have a fire risk assessment 100% 100%
Percentage of repairs completed right first time 95% 92.8%
Percentage of customers who were surveyed who were happy with the repairs service they received 95% 81.6%
Neighbourhood & Community standard
Percentage of tenants who were surveyed and were happy with the way their anti-social behaviour SB cases were dealt with 82% 93.3%
Percentage of serious anti-social behaviour cases that were responded to in one working day 97% 100%
Percentage of tenants surveyed who were happy with the grounds maintenance service they received 86% No surveys completed
Percentage of tenants surveyed who were happy with the cleaning service they received 85% No surveys completed
Tenancy standard
Average number of days to re-let an empty home 22 32.9
Percentage stock turnover units re-let/stock count <8% 6.3%
Tenant Involvement & Empowerment standard
Percentage of formal complaints acknowledged within two working days 98% 33%
Percentage of formal complaints responded to within ten working days 94% 100%
Publication of the annual report Publish on website by 1 October Published
Publication of tenant commitments on the website 31 May 2019 Completed

Value for money

The housing regulator in England, the Regulator of Social Housing requires housing providers to articulate and deliver a comprehensive approach to achieving value for money. This is to take account of the corporate objectives, along with the interests and commitments we share with our stakeholders.

This means managing resources economically, efficiently and effectively to provide quality services and homes, and delivering year-on-year improvements in value for money.

Chorus Homes is focused on providing good value for money. Our customers want good quality homes and services but expect us to be as efficient and effective as possible so that we can keep costs down.

In order to inform and involve customers we give frequent updates in our magazine “In Tune” and on our website to show how we are using our resources to provide services. We also update our website accordingly.

We want customers to be able to see how we manage performance and how our Tenant Scrutiny Panel helps us to raise standards.

Chorus Homes’ value for money self-assessment which includes key financial data is now included within Places for People Group's annual report and financial statements.