Cleaning services

Find out how Chorus Homes manages cleaning services on schemes. 

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Chorus Homes is responsible for keeping shared areas around our properties clean and tidy. We currently work in partnership with in-house company Hope Social Enterprise, and the contract we have in place ensures a cost-effective service for our customers where resources are used efficiently.

Like all Chorus Homes contracts, it is monitored through regular meetings and by the feedback we receive from customers.

Our cleaning contractors adhere to a cleaning specification which is shown below. The specification is one thing customers have asked to publicise so they can understand the scope of cleaning work that takes place where they live.

The following work is completed by the cleaning teams when they visit:

  • Cleaning of internal areas including stairways and corridors
  • Cleaning of debris and dirt, carpets and mats vacuumed
  • Hard surfaces washed
  • Clean light covers and lighting (internally and externally)
  • Communal internal window cleaning
  • Mop or wash all hard floor surfaces
  • Cleaning of doors and door entry systems, remove dirt, dust and cobwebs from external door surfaces
  • Remove all marks, dirt, dust and cobwebs from block signage
  • Empty communal litter bins

Issues with outdoor spaces;

Our cleaning services don’t extend to the maintenance of individual dwellings or private courtyards and gardens. If you spot an issue with a space that looks untidy or poorly maintained and believe it is a Chorus Homes property, please get in touch with us using our general enquiries form, and a member of our neighbourhood team will investigate. 

Having your say 

Customers play an important role in monitoring the performance of our cleaning service and your feedback will help us to improve it in the future. We regularly complete customer satisfaction surveys, by calling customers who receive the service and encourage all customers to complete one when we call. You can also use our feedback form to provide your thoughts and views on the cleaning service in your area or complain about issues.