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Information about benefits and managing your money. 

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We want you to be able to enjoy your home.  We offer support where it’s needed. In this section there is a range of support, information and guides to help you manage your home and maintain your payments. 

If you are experiencing problems paying your rent, you must speak to us immediately to discuss your situation. We can offer you advice and information to help you.  Failure to pay your rent may put your home at risk. 

To speak to a member of our income team or our rent support officer, please call 0345 266 9760 (selecting option 1) or contact us online.

Income and benefits advice

If you would like to see what benefits you may be entitled to you can use the benefits calculator 

Please note Chorus Homes are not responsible for the accuracy and content held on external websites that we signpost you to. 

Universal Credit

Universal Credit has replaced a number of benefits and tax credits. It is designed to support people of working age, who have low (or no) income and need help with their basic living expenses and housing costs (such as rent payments). 

Universal Credit has been rolling out since 2013 by Jobcentre Plus area and is expected to be fully in place by March 2022. 

To find out more information about Universal Credit, please visit the Understanding Universal Credit and Universal Credit Info websites. 

Housing Benefit

You may be able to claim Housing Benefit depending on your circumstances. Housing Benefit is a regular payment towards your rent and available to those who are not in employment or on low income with savings/capital of less than £16,000.  Housing Benefit can cover your rent and some service charges but does not cover other costs like utility bills (gas, water or electricity) or care and/or support costs. 

Housing Benefit is administered by your local council. To find our who your local council is please use the find my local council link.

To find our more information about Housing Benefit and to see whether you are eligible to claim, please visit the Housing Benefit eligibility website.

Managing your money and budgeting

Knowing how to control your money can help you. Careful budgeting could save you money over the year, improve your financial wellbeing and help you stay on top of your bills and rent. There are various agencies that can help you if you're struggling to manage your money. 

Citizens Advice Rural Cambs Huntingdon offers free independent confidential expert advice to help you with your situation.  Please visit Citizens Advice Rural Cambridgeshire 

The Money Advice Service is a free, impartial, money advice service set up by the Government. It provides a range of advice, guides and tools to help improve your finances. This service offers help over the phone and online. For more information you can visit Money Advice Service 

Other organisations that can help you

Below are some organisations and websites that provide advice, guidance and support:  

Local help

Guidance for customers experiencing difficulty in paying their rent

We are proactively monitoring the coronavirus outbreak, including the latest Government and NHS advice, and we can assure you that we are doing all that we can to help protect our customers and their homes during this period of uncertainty. 

We are committed to help prevent our customers falling into debt and we will continue to provide advice, support and guidance to customers who may be experiencing difficulty in paying their rent. This can include putting payment plans in place or supporting customers with Universal Credit, Housing Benefit claims and discretionary housing payment/hardship applications.

We are unable to offer rent breaks however we will work with each customer on a case by case basis to agree an affordable repayment plan.

Guidance for customers in claiming benefits

If you are required to stay at home due to Coronavirus you may need financial support quickly. The government have put in place special measures for anyone affected by coronavirus. Statutory Sick Pay has been extended to those affected and you may also be able to claim Employment and Support allowance (ESA). You may want to consider applying for Universal Credit if you are worried you are going to struggle. The websites below have useful information to assist you.

Guidance for customers who need support and advice to help manage finances

We are committed to help support our customers as much as we can during this difficult time. If you’re worried about your finances, these guides from Stepchange can help you and your family get the support you need.


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