Maintaining our neighbourhoods

Chorus Homes' commitment to maintaining neighbourhoods and estates. 

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Chorus Homes is required to keep its properties and neighbourhoods in a good state of repair. It also has the following  commitments to fulfil, which are summarised below:

What we will do 

  • Keep neighbourhood and communal areas associated with the homes that Chorus Homes Group owns clean and safe 
  • Work in partnership with its tenants and other providers and public bodies where it is effective to do so 
  • Co-operate with relevant partners to help promote social, environmental and economic wellbeing in the areas where it owns properties
  • Consult with tenants, shared owners and leaseholders, in developing the neighbourhood management policy for maintaining and improving the neighbourhoods associated with its homes. This applies where it has a responsibility (either exclusively or in part) for the condition of that neighbourhood
  • Include any communal areas associated with its homes, within its policy. 

Managing performance 

We run the service based on a number of procedures (day-to-day working practices) and use customer feedback to see where we are doing well and where there are areas for improvement. We use the following feedback to measure the service: 

  • Customers’ satisfaction with the grounds maintenance service
  • Customers’ satisfaction with the cleaning services
  • Complaints about the grounds maintenance service
  • Complaints about the cleaning services
  • Performance indicators (statistics which tell us how well a service is performing) within a special compliance dashboard (a collection of performance statistics) which monitor fire safety, electrical safety, asbestos management, servicing of passenger lifts and our automated access systems.‚Äč