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Neighbourhood Wardens

Neighbourhood Wardens are our visible representatives who work in the community.  They are responsible for carrying out health and safety checks, audits, emergency light testing and low-level maintenance tasks.

They also provide support to Neighbourhood Officers.

Roger Watson

I have worked for Chorus Homes for 9 years. I enjoy my job because it is challenging and varied.

Janice Freemantle

I enjoy the variation of the job, also having a challenge with in the community and having a great team to work with.


Chris Hemstead

I enjoy problem solving and working in partnership with our residents and agencies to make your neighbourhood a safe and great place to live.

Shane Fisher

I love the variety of my job, every day is different. I enjoy liaising with tenants and problem-solving.


Barry Finnimore

I enjoy the challenges my job brings and being involved with the local community, promoting local initiatives, like Chorus in Bloom.

Coral Dodge

I enjoy my job as I love meeting new people on a daily basis and feel like I really make a difference in the local community.


Lucy Smith

I am passionate about community engagement and enjoy seeing members of the community working together.


Neighbourhood Officers

Neighbourhood Officers are involved in all areas of tenancy management including property inspections, environmental issues, property condition and assured tenancy sign-ups.  Officers also deal with anti-social behaviour complaints.

They support tenants by referring to internal and external support organisations. 

Julie Clark

I am enjoying the new challenges the role brings and meeting new people. The best part of the role is helping to make a difference to people's lives and the community in which they live.

Christine Giles

I enjoy the challenges my job brings working with communities to make their homes and communities enjoyable places to live.


Victoria Laxton

I enjoy helping people and making a positive difference in people’s lives.


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