Parking advice for customers living in Chorus Home properties.

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Parking arrangements vary depending on the type of property you own or rent and the area you live in. When you move in we’ll let you know where to park and if there are any restrictions in place.

Whatever the arrangements are, you should always park with care and not cause an obstruction which could prevent access for the emergency services.

Typically where a private drive or garage isn’t provided, parking is managed by:

Permit parking with parking enforcement in place

If permit parking is in place at your scheme, and you are eligible for a parking space, you will be given a valid parking permit, fob or gate code (if there is a gated entrance) when you start your tenancy.

Allocated parking

Where your property has allocated parking bays you must use the spaces provided for you. You cannot use other residents’ parking spaces without their permission. Please respect any numbering system in place and ask your neighbours first if you need to temporarily use another space.

Communal car parking

Where there is communal car parking in place, it is for the use of residents at the scheme only. No specific space is allocated to an individual.

Visitor parking

On some schemes there may be limited visitor parking spaces available. These are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis. If there are no visitor parking spaces available, and your space is in use, your visitors must make arrangements to park elsewhere.

No car parking

Where there is no car parking available on a scheme and you have a car you’ll need to make your own arrangements for parking elsewhere.

Residents’ permit parking

Some local councils may operate a permit scheme which covers roads in your area. If this applies to a property where you wish to park your car, you’ll need to contact the local authority (before moving in) to check that you are eligible for a permit and apply. Chorus Homes does not issue permits for local authority permit schemes.

For home owners and leaseholders

If you are a home owner or leaseholder your lease or transfer documents should provide guidance on the exact parking arrangements for your property or scheme.