Reporting repairs

How to report repairs to Chorus Homes

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Taking care of your home

Reporting a repair is quick and simple. Places for People is responsible for many repairs to your home, but not all. Please check the repair responsibilities before reporting a repair. 

Before you start

You should know that:

  • Some minor repairs are your responsibility. First, check whether the repair is your responsibility
  • You will have to pay for repairs caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect.
  • If you’re older or living with disabilities, then you may be able to use a handy person service from your local authority to get free help with more minor repairs.

Emergency repairs

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is any problem that could be a security risk or cause harm to you, another person or your property.

The welfare and safety of our customers is our primary concern, particularly when dealing with emergency repairs. To make sure our customers receive help quickly for an emergency repair we have reviewed and updated our emergency repairs criteria, so that we can focus our resources on our residents when they need it most. 

There may be repairs agreed to be an emergency due to a customer’s vulnerability or supported living arrangements.

The list below sets out our updated emergency repair criteria

  1. Electrics where:
  • they are unsafe because copper wiring is exposed
  • they are unsafe because water is leaking or has been leaking onto or near them
  • there has been a total loss of power after checking with your supplier
  • total loss of lights - you must attempt to reset your fuse box if in individual home.
  1. Water problems where:
  • there is a total loss of water supply after checking with your supplier
  • ceilings have been damaged by water (and are in danger of collapsing).
  • there are leaks causing uncontrollable damage
  • the toilet is blocked and all attempts have been made to unblock it, and there is only one toilet in the home
  • external drains are blocked and sewage water is backing up (and it is not a Council responsibility).
  • all bathing facilities have been lost and when there are no other ways of bathing available
  • total loss of hot water – when there is no other form of bathing, for example an electric shower available
  1. Gas
  • Any leaks from a pipe or gas boiler
  • Boiler breakdown resulting in no heating or hot water is an emergency only between 1 October and 31 March.
  1. Any exposed asbestos (read more about asbestos here)

  2. Security and day to day living repairs where:
  • home burglar alarms (where we have supplied) or smoke alarms are sounding constantly
  • door entry systems will not allow you to enter or exit the building and there is no other door entry available
  • the main front or back door cannot be used to enter or exit the home or be made secure overnight
  • a window is broken and causing a security issue
  • the walls and ceiling need repair as they are a potential injury risk or a dangerous situation
  • there is complete loss of cooking facilities with no other way of cooking for example no microwave available
  • there is a total loss of heating between 1 October and 31 March
  • there is any repair agreed to be an emergency due to a customer’s vulnerability or supported living arrangements.
  1. External repairs to:
  • fences and gates - only if the fence is causing a risk of injury to the customer or general public
  • roofing repairs - only if causing a health and safety risk
  • masonry repairs - only if there is a potential injury risk and dangerous situation
  • paths and walkways - shared or main access to the front of the property and flagging in communal areas only if potential injury risk and dangerous situation.

All emergency repairs need to be reported by phone. Please call us immediately on 00345 266 9760 to report an emergency repair. The line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our Customer Service Centre colleagues will ask you questions about your repair to make sure you receive the help you need and to determine if your repair is an emergency. If not identified as an emergency repair we will offer you our next available routine repair appointment.

Apart from homes where the resident owns or part-owns the property themselves, Chorus Homes is responsible for most (but not all) repairs in its residents' homes. You should check the repair responsibilities page before raising a repair.

At the moment this form is not set up for reporting communal repairs.  We are working hard to put this in place for the future.  If you are reporting a fault for something within a block please use the general enquiries form to let us know the details.

If you have a repair which is a genuine emergency (i.e. there is an immediate risk to you or your home), call us on 0345 266 9760DO NOT LOG EMERGENCY REPAIRS USING THE WEB FORM.

Repair form

1. Before we begin...

Emergency repairs

If a repair is a genuine emergency (i.e. there is an immediate risk to you or your home), do no use this form. Please use the emergency contact number.

Just noticed something?

If the problem isn't in your home – perhaps you aren't even a Chorus Homes Group customer – and you just want to let someone know about it, you should use the contact page instead.

2. Tell us about the problem

240 characters maximum. Please try to give us the information we need to accurately assess the problem.
We need to know where the problem is.

Who can fix it (which trade)?

We need to know who to send out to fix the problem:

Upload photos

Would you like to upload some photos showing the problem? It might help to plan your repair more quickly.

JPG, TIF and PNG files will be accepted. Very large photos will take a long time to upload, and may be reduced in size before they reach our operatives, so please make them as clear as possible while keeping the size down.

You do not have JavaScript enabled, and so won't be able to delete images if you make a mistake. Take care selecting your images!


3. Checking your details

So that we know where to send the repair team (and that you're the one sending the report in), we need some information about you:

This needs to be the email address we have on record for you.
There are some things that are not the landlord's responsibility, please make sure that you're not supposed to fix it yourself before making a repair request.
JavaScript is not enabled, so booking appointments is not available. Please fill out the form above to send a request.

Non-emergency repairs

If the repair is not an emergency then please use the form above to report it to our repairs team.