Reporting repairs

How to report repairs to Chorus Homes

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Apart from homes where the resident owns or part-owns the property themselves, Chorus Homes is responsible for most (but not all) repairs in its residents' homes. You should check the repair responsibilities page before raising a repair.

At the moment this form is not set up for reporting communal repairs.  We are working hard to put this in place for the future.  If you are reporting a fault for something within a block please use the general enquiries form to let us know the details

Repair form

1. Before we begin...

Emergency repairs

If a repair is a genuine emergency (i.e. there is an immediate risk to you or your home), do no use this form. Please use the emergency contact number.

Just noticed something?

If the problem isn't in your home – perhaps you aren't even a Chorus Homes Group customer – and you just want to let someone know about it, you should use the contact page instead.

2. Tell us about the problem

240 characters maximum. Please try to give us the information we need to accurately assess the problem.
We need to know where the problem is.

Who can fix it (which trade)?

We need to know who to send out to fix the problem:

Upload photos

Would you like to upload some photos showing the problem? It might help to plan your repair more quickly.

JPG, TIF and PNG files will be accepted. Very large photos will take a long time to upload, and may be reduced in size before they reach our operatives, so please make them as clear as possible while keeping the size down.

You do not have JavaScript enabled, and so won't be able to delete images if you make a mistake. Take care selecting your images!


3. Checking your details

So that we know where to send the repair team (and that you're the one sending the report in), we need some information about you:

This needs to be the email address we have on record for you.
There are some things that are not the landlord's responsibility, please make sure that you're not supposed to fix it yourself before making a repair request.
JavaScript is not enabled, so booking appointments is not available. Please fill out the form above to send a request.

Emergency repairs

If you have a repair which is a genuine emergency (i.e. there is an immediate risk to you or your home), call us on 0345 266 9760DO NOT LOG EMERGENCY REPAIRS USING THE WEB FORM.

An emergency repair might include:

  • Uncontainable leak
  • An unusable toilet (if you only have one in the house)
  • A total heating or hot-water system failure in winter

If the repair is an emergency then we will arrange for a contractor to call on you within 24 hours. Someone over the age of 16 will need to stay in your home, to allow us access to carry out the repair.

Non-emergency repairs

If the repair is not an emergency then please use the form above to report it to our repairs team.