Contacting us via social media

How to report enquiries via our social media channels

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Our teams are available on social media between 9am and 5pm Mon-Thurs, and Fridays between 9am and 4.30pm. You can report issues, chat to us about housing options or keep up-to-date with the latest news from Chorus Homes.

You can find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @ChorusHomes.

Enquiry information 

If you post an enquiry publicly on either Facebook or Twitter, we may ask that the conversation be moved into a private message. This is to ensure that any details discussed are not shared with other users on social media. 

If the discussion involves details of your Chorus Homes account, we will ask you to verify your identity.

When contacting us on social media please have available: 

  • Your tenancy ID (where appropriate)
  • Your full address details including post code
  • The full details of your enquiry including any relevant dates and times 
  • Any supporting documents you have - photos/videos/pdfs/scanned documents

If you are contacting us on behalf of a customer, you will need to be a nominated contact to discuss any enquiry/account details.  Please contact us to arrange to become a nominated contact.

Making a complaint

Before making a complaint over social media, please read the complaints section on our feedback page, which explains the process and how to seek a resolution. 

Keeping information private

When contacting us on social media, please don't be tempted to share details of your Chorus Homes account publicly (e.g. rent account details, address, tenancy number or property code) and only do so via a private message with an official Chorus Homes account.

Keeping account information private reduces the risk of identity fraud and help keeps your information and account secure.

We have produced the following advice to help keep your information private when contacting Chorus Homes via social media: 

  • Never publicly post photos of rent/service charge statements, letters (including your address) or correspondence which could identify you, or a member of your household
  • Don't discuss details of your Chorus Homes account with other users on social media, even if they offer to help 
  • Don't post videos which show or give information about how to access your property, or show details of a repair which may temporarily allow easier access to your home (e.g. window locks, issues with front doors/communal locks)
  • Think carefully before posting online, especially if it involves neighbours or others in your community.

Aggressive or abusive behaviour

Violence or abuse towards staff on or offline is unreasonable and the organisation has a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour in order to protect the welfare and safety of all colleagues.

Violence is not restricted to acts of aggression that may result in physical harm. It also includes behaviour or language (whether oral or written that may cause staff to feel afraid, threatened, harassed or abused).  We take in to account our diversity policies when handling unreasonable actions and behaviours.

Examples of behaviours grouped under this heading include:

  • threats
  • physical violence
  • personal verbal abuse
  • derogatory or offensive remarks
  • persistent shouting
  • use of foul and abusive language and rudeness.

Chorus Homes also considers that inflammatory statements and unsubstantiated allegations can be abusive behaviour. We reserve the right to block accounts that breach our aggressive or abusive behaviour rules.