Community grants

Supporting community activities.

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Chorus Homes is committed  to supporting community activities wherever possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering community groups the opportunity to apply for funding (to a maximum of £250) for project or events that will improve the community for residents.  This ties in to our mission statement: “Working together, creating great places to live”.

Examples of funded projects are:

  • Cambridge Regional College Summer Fair (Huntingdon Campus)
  • Huntingdonshire Society for the blind – Funding towards their Christmas Lunch
  • Unity in the Community – funding towards a local family event in Huntingdon
  • Stay and Play – funding for transport to take group members on a trip to Wicksteed Park
  • Various Allotment Projects

How to apply

We have set out the criteria for applying below. However, it should be noted that fulfilment of these requirements does not necessarily entitle any group to funding. Each application will be treated on its merits and Chorus reserves the right to deciding whether or not to provide financial support.

  • The applicant must have clear objectives and must be able to demonstrate that it has the ability to use our financial support to meet those objectives and this should be documented in the application form. Wherever possible, we would like to see some evidence of the applicant being properly and formally set up (constituted).
  • The applicant must show a clear connection with the work of Chorus Homes. Typically this will be because it has a Chorus Homes customers as part of its membership or the idea/project it seeks funding for benefits Chorus Homes customers in some way.
  • The grant must only be used for something that benefits the community or the development of the group in order to benefit the community. The grant cannot be used for personal expenditure.
  • Grants may be used for meeting the costs of meetings, producing community newsletters, supporting children’s or youth initiatives, older persons’ activities, gala days and village festivals, although this list is not exhaustive.
  • The grant can only be used for work within the Cambridgeshire area.
  • The applicant must explain in the application form what the grant will be used for and how it will benefit the community.
  • The applicant may not be a political party, nor may financial support be used for political purposes. Faith groups may apply for financial support provided the purpose for which it is sought is of benefit to the community, as set out in this statement of criteria.
  • The applicant must provide Chorus Homes with a copy of audited accounts or latest bank statement.
  • The maximum financial support that can be given is £250 in any one financial year. This figure may be revised from time to time. Receipt of a grant does not guarantee further grants in future years.
  • We will require receipts from the event that has taken place. Please ensure all are kept and copies sent back in the pre-paid envelope which will be provided if the community grant has been approved.
  • You must agree to supply information at our request on the activity or event for which funding has been supplied. We may wish to publicise our support, so our PR team may be in contact with you.

You can apply here