How the Independent Complaint Panel (ICP) works to help resolve complaints. 

The Independent Complaints Panel (ICP) is a joint project run in partnership with Derwent Living and Tuntum Housing Association.

The role of the ICP

The ICP has been set up in response to the Government’s Localism Act, designed to increase the influence of local people when decisions are made. The Act introduced local complaints panels to look at cases that have exhausted an organisation's internal complaints processes. This role is termed the ‘designated person’. 

The ICP is a joint initiative with Chorus Homes, Derwent Living and Tuntum Housing Association and consists of customers from all three housing providers. The members are supported by the Tenant Participation Advisory Service to ensure that the process is fully independent and objective.

Customers are appointed to resolve complaints by helping to mediate an outcome between the landlord and complainant. The members have both skills in complaint handling and experience as tenants and leaseholders. This adds a valuable layer to the process and lessens dependence on the Ombudsman.

The panel can resolve the complaint itself or refer it directly to the Ombudsman.

Although a complaint can go straight to the Ombudsman without taking it to the ICP, the complainant will however have to wait at least eight weeks after completing the landlord’s complaints process before doing this.

Can I take my complaint to the ICP?

Yes, you can refer your complaint to the ICP once your complaint has fully passed through Chorus Home’s internal complaint procedure. Our complaints officer will let you know when this referral will take place and what you need to do.

Independent Complaints Panel Process

ICP Process

Independent Complaint Panel Process