At Chorus Homes, we believe our services will improve with the help of our customers. After all, you are in the best place to tell us your priorities and ideas for improvements.

We want your feedback and to work with you, so together we can shape our services. With that in mind, we have a resident involvement strategy which enables you to engage with us in a variety of ways. This helps us know what is important to you, what works well and what you feel needs to be improved.

Here are some of the ways in which you can get involved and give us your feedback:

Residents Conferences

Twice a year we host themed conferences for residents to share their views and experiences. These are interactive events and provide the opportunity for tenants to meet other residents and staff. Our next conference will be on 15 November 2019.

Editorial Panel

Residents check documents via e-mail, including “In Tune” to ensure they are customer friendly and informative. You could even be involved in writing an article for this newsletter. This is a role for those of you who are short of time. You can do it all from home.

Scrutiny Panel

This team of residents monitors Chorus Homes performance to ensure that targets are met and services are shaped around the needs of our customers. Their recommendations are reviewed by senior management and then changes are made to the way we deliver services. Their most recent report on antisocial behaviour will be discussed in our next edition of “In Tune”

Mystery Shoppers

You can be a mystery shopper who provides feedback by visiting our office, telephoning, and e-mailing to tell us about your experience. Resident Associations Residents association and groups are a way for Chorus Homes residents to get involved at a local level. Typically, groups and associations may choose to campaign around common issues, as well as organising fun days and social events. Surveys You will receive surveys electronically, by phone and by post that can influence a variety of Chorus Homes services. So far this year, our Customer Opinion Survey has helped us create a Customer Services Action Plan.

Social Media - Facebook and Twitter

This is great for customers who like to engage digitally. It enables you to have your say and give feedback on various topics. It also enables us to share news and information with you as and when required.

Resident Involvement Service Standard

Resident Involvement Service Standard

Our resident involvement strategy commits us to improving our services by involving and including all of our customers, embedding our “People First” approach. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, working together with us in order to shape our services and enhance our performance.