Resident Scrutiny Panel - Anti-Social Behaviour July 2019

The RSP undertook their first review and chose to scrutinise the Anti-Social Behaviour service.

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From January 2019 until completion in July 2019, the newly established Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) for Chorus Homes undertook  their first review and chose to scrutinise the Anti-Social Behaviour service, which is part of the Neighbourhood Services department.

The Panel chose this topic, with a view to making recommendations for improvements. After going through Chorus Homes Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and compelling performance evidence and feedback from key stakeholders that indicated there was a need to improve performance and the service for tenants.


During this review the RSP researched and reviewed many documents, including:

  • KPIs as at (period 11) 28th February 2019
  • ASB Procedure & Control statement
  • ASB Policy
  • ASB Service Standard
  • ASB Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Good Behaviour Agreement
  • Job Descriptions for Neighbourhood Warden, ASB Officer
  • Guide to your Tenancy
  • Dealing with Anti-social Behaviour
  • ASB Satisfaction Survey
  • ASB Overview
  • Staff Management Policy
  • The website was also reviewed – too wordy but no actual detail, no practical tools, too legal, difficult to use

In addition the RSP interviewed three members of staff, in order to gain a greater understanding of the service :

  • Neighbourhood Warden
  • Neighbourhood Officer
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Officer

Other Agency Interviews

  • Derwent Living Housing Association – Customer Engagement Manager
  • Huntingdon Constabulary – Police Sergeant


  • Acknowledgment that there are is a lot of good work being undertaken by staff, however by introducing an early mediation service this could alleviate some of the pressures on the service and resolve disputes at an early stage.
  • On reviewing some of the Chorus Homes documentation form the ASB service it was felt that some of the documentation was lacking clarity, was too officious and dated.
  • The website was not clear enough and was difficult to navigate and customers would benefit from having this reviewed and updated.
  • Communication with customers is of key importance and could be improved and this should be clarified by having an Action Plan at the beginning of each case, which is signed by both parties and agrees communication strategies throughout.
  • Improvements could be made by staff adopting a more person-centred approach and ensure that they are treating each case individually.


Below is a chart documenting the RSP’s recommendations and the outcomes agreed by the Board and Senior Leadership Team for implementation.

Recommendation Outcome Timescale
Chorus Homes introduce an early mediation service for customers Head of Service is establishing costs for training staff and customers with a view to introducing in 2020 April 2020
ASB documents to be reviewed and updated Documentation reviewed and updated Complete
Update ASB area of website Being updated June 2020
Action plans and Risk Assessments should be carried out on all cases Action Plans and Risk Assessments will be carried out all cases Complete
An induction pack at recruitment stage, to include person centred, customer service skills and conflict resolution for front line staff New staff now all complete a Places for People induction and person centred training is provided to all staff. Frontline staff to receive refresher training in personal safety, as well as new staff members. Complete