Homeowner & leaseholder complaint options

Options for those who may not be able to use the Housing Ombudsman.

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Homeowners and Leaseholders are entitled and welcome to use Chorus Homes' internal complaints procedure. If you are a freehold homeowner, or in some cases a leaseholder, you may however, not be able to access the Housing Ombudsman. 

We always aim to reach a fair and reasonable outcome to complaints. However, in the event that the complaints procedure has been exhausted and you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, the option of a Housing Ombudsman review may not be available to you, dependent on the complaint.

There are a number of alternative appeals options potentially available which can either be instigated once the complaints procedure is exhausted or, if appropriate, instead of Chorus Homes' internal complaints procedure altogether. If an alternative appeals process is instigated whilst a complaint is open, the complaint will be withdrawn.

Examples of alternative appeals processes are as follows:

First-Tier Tribunal (FTT)

The FTT can consider a range of issues such as rent increase and service charges. The tribunal is unconnected to either party or government and would consider both sides before reaching a conclusion.

Rent Assessment Committee (RAC)

The RAC is a tribunal of two or three people set up under the provisions of the Rent Act 1977. It is an independent decision making body regarding rent which is unconnected to either party or government.

County Court

The County Court considers civil (non-criminal) matters whereby an individual (or business) believes their rights have been infringed, and compensation is sought.

Customers can contact The Housing Ombudsman for advice via the contact details within our Customer Feedback Policy. Information regarding the above alternative appeals options can be obtained through your local council. The Leasehold Advisory Service also provides information for Leaseholders.

Chorus Homes would also be happy to discuss your options when considering raising a complaint, or escalating a complaint.