Community alarm service

Peace of mind is just a call away

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Your Community Alarm Service
Peace of mind is just a call away

LifeLine is a community alarm system that enables you to call for help or reassurance if you feel unwell or if you have an accident whilst alone in your home.


A LifeLine benefits anyone whatever their age or ability.

If you have a health concern or limited mobility, LifeLine provides you with reassurance and assistance.

Your family and friends will also have peace of mind that help will come when you need it.

It also allows you to remain independent within your own home.

It is simple to use, you just press a button that will connect with a call centre that is manned 24 hours a day

LifeLine gives my
family the peace of
mind that if anything
happens someone
will be there

To find out more call us on 0345 266 9760, email, or use the contact form.