Your responsibilities in your home

If something breaks, who should you call?

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Your repairs responsibilities are outlined in your original tenancy agreement. However, it’s always helpful to refresh your knowledge of what you’re supposed to fix, especially over the festive period.

You are responsible for:

  • Repairing things that have been damaged through neglect or misuse (we will carry out health and safety repairs but you may be charged)
  • Keeping your garden area tidy and free of rubbish
  • Carrying out minor repairs and replacements, these are repairs that require no technical ability and use common household tools
  • Internal decoration (including after leaks and/or maintenance works)
  • Your own appliances, fittings and any DIY
  • Knowing where the stopcock is and how to turn it off if there is a water leak
  • Keeping the inside of your home clean and in a good condition
  • Insuring your home contents
  • Informing us when repairs are needed
  • Providing reasonable access for repairs to be carried out and for items to be serviced
  • Asking our permission before making any changes or improvements to your home.

If you have any difficulties with your responsibilities:

  • Ask a family member, neighbour or friend for help – you may be surprised at how helpful they can be!
  • Follow a how to guide online
  • Find an accredited tradesperson – try for recommendations in your area.