A letter from the Managing Director

Chorus Homes is the new name for Luminus Homes

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I am pleased to announce that from 17 June 2019 Chorus Homes is the new name for Luminus Homes, your landlord. Our address, other contact details and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or leaseholder remain unchanged.

Our new name, and our new mission statement, “Working together, creating great places to live” were created with the help of our staff. They reflect that, as part of Places for People, we will work with you to improve services, build new homes, and support communities.

You have probably noticed that this issue of your newsletter has both a new name and a new look. We have taken on board your views and will bring you stories and articles that are helpful and informative.

I hope you enjoy In Tune. We at Chorus Homes look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Nigel Finney
Managing Director,
Chorus Homes.