Maintaining your home

Keeping your home in good condition is a shared responsibility.

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As your landlord, we are responsible for maintaining the structure, the outside of your home, any fixtures and fittings we have provided and any communal areas.

You can report your routine repairs via the report a repair page or by calling 0345 8509994. We aim to attend all routine repairs within 28 days.

If a repair is an emergency please contact our Customer Service Centre and a member of the Property Maintenance Team will aim to visit your home within 24-hours.

Remember that as a tenant, you are responsible for replacing items such as light bulbs, and for any repairs as a result of accidental damage such as minor cracks in walls or a blocked bath, basin, sink, shower or toilet.

Do you know who is responsible?

Gas leaks Us
Accidental Damage You
Uncontainable water leaks Us
Draught proofing You
Complete loss of heating and water Us