If you are considering sub-letting part of your home or taking in a lodger, please ensure you familiarise yourself with our sub-letting and lodging rules to make sure you do not breach your tenancy conditions.


Sub-letting is where someone has exclusive use of all or part of your home. If you’re an Assured tenant (but not an Assured Shorthold tenant), you’re allowed to sub-let part of your home, providing you get our written permission first.

You are not allowed to move out and sub-let your home to someone else. If you do this, you’re committing tenancy fraud and we will take steps to bring the tenancy to an end.


A lodger is usually someone who rents a room in your home and shares your kitchen or bathroom. They don’t have private use of any part of your home – for example, because you can enter their bedroom to clean it. As a Chorus Homes tenant, you can have a lodger, but you must not overcrowd your home. Please contact your Neighbourhood Officer to complete a Lodger Declaration form.

Housing Benefit:

If you sub-let or have a lodger, and you claim Housing Benefit, you must tell your council. The amount of benefit you get may be reduced.