The following schedule is a full list of charges applicable to Chorus Estates and properties of which some, none or all could apply.


The cost of telephone lines within site offices, passenger lifts, fire panels where applicable.

Business rates

Costs relating to the concierge office 


The cost of supplying electric to your neighbourhood communal area within the block of flat/sheltered scheme 

Cleaning services

The cost of carrying out cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

The cost of carrying out window cleaning services to communal areas.

Fire Safety:

To be carried out in accordance with current fire regulations to include:

  • Full service of Fire alarms.
  • Full service of emergency lighting
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Dry Rise Servicing
  • Fire Blanket Inspection and maintenance
  • Fire Shutter Inspection and maintenance
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing and maintenance
  • Automatic Opening Smoke Vent Servicing and inspection

Site Security

Overnight Security ensuring Health & Safety of building and residents is maintained.

Call Care System Servicing and Repairs

Lifeline pull cord system which calls out to a call centre in an emergency.


The cost of supplying Gas to your neighbourhood/block of flat/sheltered scheme 

Landscaping – Core Service Costs

Your contribution towards landscaping to all external common green areas across the development, drains, un-adopted roads. 

Pest Control

The provision of pest control for control of animal pests in communal areas and external gardens 

Joseph Rank House Concierge and Services

The Concierge Service will include;

  • A first point of contact
  • maintain the building and grounds and undertake fire safety regulation checks.
  • Cost also includes a provision for the monitoring of Fire services and security.

Managed Scheme Service Costs

Cost attributed to the regular inspection of communal and external areas to ensure the areas are consistently maintained

Estate Audit Costs

The cost of supplying the Neighbourhood Warden Service to our neighbourhoods to ensure that the public areas are maintained through regular inspections and Health and Safety checks of the common areas and estates.

Ground Rent

A fee payable to the Freeholder of the land on which a block of flats is long leased


Provision of on-site meals

Administration Cost

Management and Administration costs including the collection of service charge administration for the budget and maintenance of financial records. Costs also include the collection of service/estate charges and rent.

Annual maintenance contract costs for the following:

  • BMS Control Panel
  • Boilers
  • Air & Dirt Separator
  • Strainers
  • Pressurisation Unit
  • Expansion Vessels
  • Circulating Pumps
  • Gas service & interlock controls
  • Cold water storage tanks
  • Booster set
  • Natural Ventilation system
  • Smoke Ventilation system
  • Dry risers
  • Rain Water Drainage & Irrigation Pumps
  • Sump Pumps
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Valves
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarm systems
  • Security Entry system and Lighting Protection carried out by external contractor 

Lift servicing

The cost of servicing a passenger lift that is available to residents 

Door Entry Service

The cost of servicing the door entry system with the block.

Pumping Equipment Servicing

The cost of servicing the equipment used to boost the water pressure around the block

Legionella Testing and Works

Monthly safety testing and analysis of the communal water supply.

Intruder Alarms

Regular testing and servicing of Intruder Alarms

Asbestos Surveys and Works

Annual re-inspection survey of Asbestos Management report for the communal areas 

Stairlift Service

The cost of servicing the communal stair lift to ensure the on-going safety of the equipment is maintained 

Play Equipment

Maintenance and inspection of play equipment within your neighbourhood.

Communal Shower Cleaning

The cost of descaling communal shower heads to reduce the risk of Legionella growth

Hearing Loop Servicing

Servicing and maintenance of specialist type of sound system for those who use hearing aids.

Communal Tumble Dryer / Washing Machine

Servicing and maintenance of communal equipment

Air Handling System Servicing  

Servicing Plan 

Heating Interface Unit Servicing

Servicing Plan

Communal Barrier

Servicing Plan for automatic barriers to car park areas and/or building entrances/exits 

Communal Gate Servicing

Servicing Plan for automatic gates to car park areas and/or building entrances/exits

Communal Gas Boiler Servicing

Maintenance and Annual service of communal Gas Boilers

Automatic Garage Shutter Door

Annual servicing of the garage roller shutter doors

Communal Sanitary Cleaning

Removal of chemical waste from communal WC

Eye Anchor Point Servicing

Inspection and Servicing of working from height equipment

Fixed Access Ladder Inspection

Inspection and Servicing of working from height equipment

Fixed Line Fall Arrest System Servicing

Inspection and Servicing of working from height equipment

Water Control Calorifier Inspection and Blowdown

The cost to drain and clean communal water systems and reduce the risk of Legionella growth.

Car Park Drainage System

Clearing and maintenance of car pumping equipment

Wheelchair Passenger Lift Servicing

Servicing of wheelchair passenger lift. (Separate to ‘lift servicing’)

Lightning Conductor Maintenance Costs

Maintaining and servicing of Lightning conductor equipment on the roof of the building 

CCTV Costs

Maintaining and servicing of CCTV equipment in communal areas.




Collecting Rent Service Standard

Collecting Rent Services Charges Service Standard

Our purpose is to ensure income from all our tenures is maximised by delivering a proactive, customer focused and a performance driven service to our customers in the changing environment of Welfare Reform.