Gas servicing

Legally, every year we have to service your gas boiler and check the safety of gas installations, ventilation and any additional gas appliances that may be installed. This is a vital part of ensuring the safety of you, your family and your neighbours. We will inform you in advance of when we are attending your home, for which you must allow us access. If you do not give this, we will take legal action to allow us to carry out the service. You will be charged for our costs.

Any appliance that is connected to the gas supply that is found to be unsafe will be disconnected immediately. If the appliance is owned by you it will be up to you to arrange for a qualified gas engineer to carry out the necessary repairs or removal.

You will be putting yourself, your family, friends, neighbours and visitors at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning if you do not allow us access to carry this out. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but prolonged carbon monoxide exposure can cause paralysis, brain damage and kill without warning.

Planned maintenance

To ensure value for money, works such as windows, kitchen and boiler replacements are carried out as part of our planned maintenance programmes. This also includes cyclical maintenance, such as external decoration and repairs, and internal decoration to communal areas.

What will happen if Chorus Homes wishes to do major repairs or improvements to my home?

We will inform and consult with you prior to work starting, as well as during and after the work has been completed.

Temporary accommodation because of major work

When we carry out major works to your home we try to arrange them so you can remain in your home. In the unlikely event that you have to leave your home temporarily, we will arrange accommodation, having regard for your needs.

We will grant you a Decant Tenancy agreement for the temporary property. You will continue paying rent for your home, but no rent will be payable for temporary accommodation. You will be able to return home when the work is finished.