Will I be charged for any repairs that Chorus Group would normally be responsible for?

Yes. If you (or your family or visitors) damage or neglect your home you will be responsible for the repair. If the damage is caused wilfully, we may take legal action.

If the damage is a threat to health, safety or security, Chorus Homes will arrange the repair and you will be charged. 

Who will carry out my repair?

The majority of repairs will be carried out by PMD tradesmen. On occasion and for more specialist jobs, approved contractors will be appointed.

All of our workman and external contractors carry identity cards. For your own safety please ensure that you ask to see their identity card before you let them into your home.

When will my repair be done?

Chorus Group works on an appointment system. We will arrange for work to be carried out at a mutually convenient time. Health and safety repairs will always take priority and we will attend to make your home safe within 24 hours. Please ensure you are available at your home when your repair is due to be carried out. We aim to carry out routine repairs within 20 working days.

Deferred works:
Some repairs may be delayed for a period of time, this may be because we are aiming to get better value for money by putting together a number of the same type of jobs, for example fencing repairs.

Seasonal works:
Some types of work could be delayed because we are unable to undertake them in certain conditions, for example repairs to concrete paths in winter, or roofing in high winds.

In winter, our highest volume of calls are for heating/hot water issues and problems with condensation. To avoid having to wait any longer than necessary to deal with your query, it is recommended that you:

Check your heating and hot water in warmer months, to avoid the seasonal rush of heating repair calls when everyone else turns on their heating. By doing this, you will be reassured that you will have heating/hot water when you really need it.

How will I know when the repairs are going to be done?

You will always be given an appointment for your repair to be carried out, either by phone, text message, email or written notification. Sometimes a specialist contractor will call you to make an appointment on our behalf.

What if I can’t keep to my appointment?

If you are unable to keep to your appointment, please call immediately on 0345 850 9994. Please note that for emergency repairs, you must be available for 24 hours from reporting the repair – if not, you may be charged for a wasted visit, or be asked to call in when you are available for 24 hours.

What happens if my repair is not carried out when I was told it would be?

We apologise when this happens. Please contact our Service Centre on 0345 850 9994. We will check to see what is happening, and if necessary give you a new date for completion of the works.

If you are not satisfied with the level of service you have received please email customerenquiry@chorushomesgroup.co.uk 

What is the ‘Right to Repair’?

‘Right to Repair’ is a right we give you in your tenancy agreement relating to essential ‘qualifying repairs’ estimated to cost less than £250, and where the failure to repair could jeopardise the health, safety or security of tenants.

If, following your second request, we do not carry out essential ‘qualifying repairs’ on the appointment made with you, we will pay compensation provided that you have given us reasonable access arrangements.

Compensation is paid at a rate of £10 + £2 per day for each day beyond the second target date, up to a maximum of £50. This is known as your ‘Right to Compensation for Failure to Repair’. You can find out more about your statutory rights in your tenancy conditions.

Does Chorus Group check the quality of completed work?

We visit and inspect a number of homes where repairs have been carried out. We carry out telephone satisfaction surveys where we will ask you a number of questions, including the quality of the work carried out, service provided, and attitude of our tradesmen. We use this information to make sure our repairs service is operating to a high standard, and make any changes as appropriate.