Chorus Homes Incentive Programme (CHIPS)

Giving residents rewards for getting involved.

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All residents must register with the resident involvement team in order to take part in the CHIPS programme. This programme gives residents the opportunity to earn points for getting involved, sharing ideas and feedback with us and helping us to deliver better customer services.

The programme is updated by the resident involvement team after any event or digital survey.

The use of vouchers will not affect anyone who is in receipt of benefit support or tax credits.

CHIPS points system

  • Online survey 2 points
  • Editorial panel 5 points
  • Scrutiny panel meeting 5 points
  • Training 5 points
  • Tpas event 5 points
  • Pop up event 5 points
  • Paper survey 4 points
  • Mystery shopper 2 points
  • Phone survey 2 points
  • Out of area event 10 points
  • Residents conference 10 points


You could win shopping vouchers!

  • 50 points gives £10
  • 100 points gives £20.

To find out more and to register please contact us or email