Do you have Chorus Homes' Best Garden?

This year Chorus in Bloom will judged via photographs.

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Some of the beautiful gardens from previous years.

Update: this competition is now closed.

Gardeners, we’ve seen and admired your hard work during lockdown, sprucing up lawns, planting flowers and painting fences. This year Chorus in Bloom will judged via photographs - images that reflect the time spent in your garden during this period.

Send in your photos before Tuesday 14 July to  Judging will take place on Thursday 30 July 2020.

We will be awarding prizes in the following categories:

  • Best garden
  • Best communal garden
  • Best sheltered scheme garden
  • Best window box.

Be creative!  The competition is as much about the photographs as it is about your garden.  Photographs will be published in our next In Tune newsletter.

The winning gardens and their photos will be verified by a socially distanced visit.

This competition is open to chorus homes residents only.